Friday, 15 June 2012

The Base Vehicle

So...the story so far:

I bid on an old ambulance in a tender process, not expecting to win it, but then they contacted me and said I had, so, several hundred pounds lighter, I'm now the proud owner of my ambulance:
There's a reason it was a bargain though. Unfortunately, at some point in it's life its been decomissioned as an ambulance, and used as a donor vehicle for other ones, so it's missing a couple of important parts...the back door, the gear stick assembly, a couple of pieces of trim, and most worryingly, the engine's been removed, and is currently sitting in the back, missing a few components!

 So, here you can see the engine in the back, but you'll also notice some use-able cupboards, and the stretcher, which I can sell

And note the missing back door... potentially the biggest problem, as it's a specialist part, unlike all the other bits I need which are just standard Renault Master parts.

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